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One of the top ways for businesses to communicate directly to their audience, staying relevant and gaining inside access to their audience is still Blogging. We say ‘still’ because even with the advent of other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there is a major portion of the population who still believe in the power of the written word. In addition to building a great product or service, it is paramount that businesses build relationships with the key stakeholders. Somewhere between ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, and ‘a pen is mightier than the sword’; people chose the pen – or in our case, the keypad. Popular social media platforms like twitter have solely relied on text to begin discussions, open dialogues, debate on important issues and begin worldwide movements using hashtags - #section377, #metoo have been one of the most talked and most tweeted about hashtags worldwide.

Before we jump into the 5 reasons, we want you to know that blogging is not the ‘be-all, end-all’ of social media marketing. While it is one of the top ways to engage with your audience, a business would also need a solid website and their presence on other social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, to get the most out of their ‘Social Media Engagement’.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 reasons for Businesses to Start Blogging Now!

  1. Get personal

“Be personal. Be relevant. Be specific.” – Seth Godin. Blogging for your business is a way to get close and personal with your target audience. A way to show a side of you that is not all about your business. It’s a way to show future clients, the thought process behind a campaign, a logo, or a creative. Blogging creates a bridge between you and your audience, and if it you get it right, your blog can turn into an interactive platform where you can engage with your audience with meaningful interactions by sharing certain insights that you’ve gained in your business or even challenges you’ve overcome.

  1. Build your online presence

Blogs can increase your online presence drastically and can increase website traffic. Data released by Hubspot showed that companies who blogged more often saw a significant increase in their website traffic. Blogging is a great way to showcase your content by sharing it on other social media platforms and hence driving more traffic to your website. Example: by sharing a small excerpt of your blog on Instagram, interested customers will visit your website resulting in directly increasing the number of visitors. The same can be applied to a platform like LinkedIn where more business oriented content is appreciated and will most likely to be viewed and shared amongst top level management.

  1. An expert’s take

A business blog gives readers an expert’s point of view –like this! We want to write blogs educating our readers on the many tips we have gathered. With 12 years experience in the industry we have the expertise and knowledge working with various industries and fields to know what works and what doesn’t. We have tried and tested ways that have proved to work time and again and use this to help our clients to make educated decisions about taking their brand forward. We have helped businesses grow and expand their customer base by creating online platforms that have increased their visibility and growth. And now that we’re here, you have the insider pass to all the ‘know-how’s.

  1. Convert visitors to leads

This is probably the most challenging aspects of digital media marketing. Converting a visitor to a lead and then into a client - in our many years of working in the field of marketing and social media, consistency and quality are most often what customers look. While blogs are good to drive more visitors and leads, it will be pointless if there is no constant content put out by the brand. In this business the ‘latest trend’ changes every few months, hence it is up to the marketers to keep up with the trends, understand the current market and know how to speak to the customer base by generating quality content.

  1. Increase website traffic

Blogging is a great way to generate website traffic – by the use of relevant hashtags, keywords, and SEO, your blog can produce visitors that can be fruitful for your business.  Including quotes, experts on twitter followed by the link to the complete blog can increase website traffic. Creating a landing page on your website is also an excellent way to collect date such as names and email addresses to send mailers and newsletters.

  1. Keep it fresh!

This is a bonus reason we decided to include as a little token of appreciation for our readers. While many businesses stand by tried and tested ways of marketing and engagement, it pays to try risky and ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas sometimes to get the audiences attention. Content doesn’t always have to be in written text; using humor, memes, images and video that go against trends and the market, is a good way to get noticed and hopefully go viral. Neil Patel, an Angel investor and a Digital Marketing Expert has pointed out how ‘Maersk’, the Danish shipping company has gathered a huge following on their Facebook and Twitter by posting unconventional content that contained both excellent copy and images.