Social media solutions – from strategy to impact assessment, and everything in between

Spry’s social media services include strategy and content management. We will implement an end-to-end solution for you that takes into account your real business needs.


We start by aligning with your business goals, immediate, medium, and long-term. Your needs could vary: marketing your product or service; checking up on competitors; networking with prospective employees; or just increasing relevant traffic to your website. Or, it could be a combination of all these. Whatever it is, we put together a strategy that is right just for you.

Content management

This is a pain point for most businesses. It’s easy to put up social media links on your website, but it’s almost impossible to keep them going. Spry’s team of highly qualified writers handle this for you. Week after week of relevant and well-written content will increase your visibility on the world wide web while positioning you as a thought leader. You can quickly see how this positively impacts your business.


Spry is geared to implement a highly customized social media strategy within days of our first engagement through blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. You can soon engage in conversations with business prospects, existing customers, and even prospective employees. You can experience how social media supports your marketing activities such as participation in seminars and exhibitions. Or get the community excited about your speaking slot!

Web analytics

Any social media activity is pointless unless it brings you real benefits. At Spry, we believe that the positive impact of social media is no longer in question. Worldwide, large, medium, and small companies have already discovered the benefits of engaging in social media. In your case, Spry will benchmark various parameters that will demonstrate to you how your business is being impacted as we go along.